Thumb/Finger Sucking, Nail Biting, & Pacifier Programs

At SDCST, our Orofacial Myologists have developed the most successful programs to help stop thumb/finger sucking, nail biting, and pacifier use. Our Orofacial Myologists are also Speech-Language Pathologists and value the importance of helping your child achieve success stopping these behaviors. Our Thumbs Up! program has been used for close to 40 years with complete success. Our approach is positive, friendly, fun, easy, and extremely rewarding, and your child will be proud of his/her accomplishments! We will work closely with you and your family to ensure your child’s success.
Often times when there is a prolonged sucking habit or other oral habit,, there are also concomitant orofacial myofunctional problem. Sucking habits and other habits cause the muscles of the mouth to develop differently. Often times, myofunctional therapy may also be necessary to rehabilitate the muscles after a prolonged sucking habit has been stopped. Click here to read more about Myofunctional Issues/Services.