7 year old girl before starting speech therapy for problems with the R sound.


Last session of therapy – watch the amazing progress!


8 year old Ben before speech therapy the R sound.


Ben after only 22 sessions of speech therapy for the R sound.


Ben giving tips to other children working on the R sound.

3 year old Rebecca after stopping using a pacifier, and beginning therapy for Tongue Thrust and correct speech production of the S sound

Rebecca is keeping her tongue in for the S sound!

6 year old Ben after beginning therapy for Stuttering

James is explaining the technique for fluency called Turtle Talk (slow, smooth speech). At the start of speech therapy, James exhibited such significant stuttering that he would often repeat a word/phrase/sentence up to 15 times in a row. James is now able to speak with very minimal stuttering. James is in Kindergarten and he uses “Turtle Talk” independently!

Laguna’s parents wrote:

“Dear San Diego Center For Speech Therapy,
I want to thank you for your help with Laguna and the development of her ability to vocalize the millions of words, thoughts, – and most exciting – songs, that were inside just waiting to get out. When we started in January of 09 Laguna’s vocabulary was so far behind her obvious comprehension, which was evident through her actions. Your technique of teaching through play was a wonderful and encouraging way to get Laguna to start vocalizing. Laguna loved going to play with Ms. Nicole every week and came home happy and with new words. Now she is singing songs such as “Doe, a Deer” (from Sound of Music) and even recited almost the entire story “Twas the Night Before Christmas” without much prompting from us. Thank you again!”

Alyssa M., mother of Laguna 26 months old, Mission Valley

The progress this 5 year old made in his speech was tremendous!

After severe speech articulation challenges in preschool, he was ready to graduate from speech therapy in kindergarten! His parents stated: “Nicole provided a comfortable and fun environment for him to work on his speech needs. We believe Nicole was instrumental in his achievements and highly recommend her.”

Sebastian at the age 21 months learning the Brown Bear

His mother stated: “My youngest son, Sebastian, was not saying anything at 19 months and Nicole, who was working with my oldest son at the time, was right when she stressed the importance of early intervention. Now, after three months of therapy with Nicole, Sebastian can voice his needs and wants; he has begun to formulate sentences; he can even count to ten in English and Spanish! And, by the way, Nicole has recently created a Brown Bear maniac. Sebastian has been reading the book to anything that moves and some things, like his doll, that don’t! When it comes to speech therapists in San Diego, Nicole is one of the best.”

This 12-year-old client is now ready for 7th grade, after working on his R sounds

He received speech therapy in the schools for 5 years, since 2nd grade, and in about 20 sessions of speech therapy with San Diego Center For Speech Therapy (6 months), he is ready to graduate from speech. He now has the confidence with his speech in order to make the big leap to middle school.