Earobics® Program: For Reading Development

Learning to read is a challenge for 40% of children today. If a child is not able to read by the end of third grade, the odds are great that he or she will never catch up, and the effects of falling behind can be devastating. Therefore, early intervention is crucial.

Earobics is a powerful and transformative multisensory reading intervention for raising academic achievement. Built on more than a decade of research, Earobics builds individualized reading instruction in all of the areas deemed critical by the National Reading Panel. A proven, research-based intervention solution, Earobics directly impacts reading achievement in pre-K through third grade. Earobics specifically targets phonemic awareness skills and delivers systematic, explicit instruction that is individualized for each student with unique adaptive technology that automatically adjusts the instructional level to ensure mastery before moving on to the next level.

The results of Earobics speak for themselves, as 97% of students who use Earobics schieve significant improvements in their literacy skills. The award-winning Earobics software provides individualized instruction in critical areas of reading. There are hundreds of levels of instruction built into the software. Each level is specially developed to help students build critical literacy skills, including recognizing and blending sounds, rhyming, and discriminating phonemes within words. Earobics systematically teaches the critical phonological awareness, auditory processing, and introductory phonics skills required for learning to read and spell.

The games also develop general cognitive skills that support learning, such as attention and memory. It also teaches language processing skills that are critical for extracting meaning from spoken language and written text. All instruction builds on the strengths of each learner, adjusting to each student’s individual level of ability with every click of the mouse, and enabling students to reach their full potential.

For more information, visit Earobics website.

Why Earobics?

At SDCST, we offer the Earobics program to help children gain pre-literacy and reading skills. This is especially important for children who may have phonological/speech articulation impairments and dylexia, as it is common for these children to demonstrate weaknesses in phonological processing that affect reading ability. Research has shown that speech intelligibility is a highly significant predictor of performance on phonological awareness tasks. Additional research has shown that kindergarten measures of phonological awareness and letter identification provide information to the prediction of 2nd-grade reading. In 2nd grade, measures of reading offered information to the prediction of 4th-grade reading. Moreover, studies have shown that children who achieved age-appropriate speech articulation skills by the end of kindergarten also achieved age-appropriate phonological awareness skills.