Lindamood-Bell Reading & Comprehension Programs

At SDCST, we have therapists who have received training in the Lindamood-Bell Programs of Visualizing and Verbalizing and Seeing Stars. The Lindamood-Bell programs are committed to teaching children and adults to read and comprehend, and the approaches to teach these skills are profound. The strategies address a variety of reading and comprehension challenges from difficulty with reading words on the page, recognizing sight words, reading fluency, spelling, reading comprehension, processing of auditory information, and higher-level thinking skills such as answering Why-questions, making predictions, and inferencing skills. Students with reading challenges may be labeled as dyslexic or may have language processing issues. The Lindamood-Bell strategies help individuals establish the underlying skills of symbol imagery, phoneme awareness, and orthographic processing as well as help individuals who have difficulty with understanding, remembering, inferring, following directions, and critical thinking from written and oral material. The strategies also help individuals develop concept imagery to create mental representations for oral and written language. The Lindamood-Bell programs works well as a wonderful supplement or foundational program for a lot of our patients who have language processing and reading issues. Using these strategies, we are able to help a wide range of individuals, pre-kindergarten through adult, by developing language processing that is critical to becoming a proficient learner in any subject.