Veronica M., Mother of Joel Chula Vista

Thank you San Diego Center for Speech Therapy and Ms. Mikayla. Our son attended your office 4 months. He enjoyed his speech therapy sessions with Ms. Mikayla and with your help made significant progress, Joel began Kindergarten a week ago. We will not hesitate to contact you in the future if necessary and will gladly make referrals to your office. We appreciate your services. Thank you!

Charity B., San Diego

We couldn’t be more impressed with the results after only five months at the San Diego Center for Speech Therapy. My daughter’s speech therapist, Kris, was incredible. My daughter was actually sad that she graduated from speech and doesn’t need to go to her sessions any more! Thank you, Kris, and the San Diego Center for Speech Therapy for you knowledge, skill, professionalism, results, and sincere kindness.

K T., Solana Beach

Kris Schneider was fantastic! She helped my son gained confidence in his speech and overcome his shyness. Because of her bubbly personality, my son never ever complained about going to see Kris. In fact, he looked forward to his speech therapy sessions!

Martha F.,

My 9 year old son has been seeing Kris S. for almost a year now for his “R” sounds. He has dramatically improved & is now graduating & finished with his sessions. I am glad that I was referred to this facility since we have been going to different ones for the past few years. This is the most I have seen him improve so quickly!

Jason N., Escondido

My son has been going here for over a year for speech, OT and educational therapy. The staff are amazing and the strides in development I have seen in my son have been incredible. I would highly recommend San Diego Center for Speech Therapy to anyone looking for assistance for their child’s developmental needs! My son really enjoys all of his sessions and has bonded closely with the therapists and specialists he works with on a weekly basis.

Carmel V., San Diego

My child has been seeing a Speech Therapist at San Diego Center for Speech Therapy for about 3 months to help with ‘speech pragmatics’. These are the practical aspects of communication that help social interactions – everything from making eye contact and starting a conversation through holding one’s temper when emotions spin out of control. My husband and I are very happy with the progress that’s been made. The therapist is very polite and not at all preachy. It’s easy to make appointments and the office is bright and welcoming. Strongly recommended.

Marjan D., San Diego

Our speech therapist, Kris at San Diego Center for Speech Therapy was fantastic with my son. We saw Kris for about eight months. My son’s speech and social skills improved dramatically. Kris’ therapy method is very effective and positive. Thank you for your support and your kindness.

Norma C., Solana Beach, CA

San Diego Center for Speech Therapy is a wonderful place to take a child for therapy. The beautiful building and the lovely courtyard make for a totally comfortable, peaceful environment. The office itself is perfect, both child and adult friendly. Rooms are really cute and well decorated. It is a happy, non-threatening environment that my children love. They have so many fun toys, games, a sensory swing, a fun ball pit, etc. The therapists are great and really relate to the children. The Saturday appointments are so convenient. It is so rare to find an office that has amazing therapists who work on the weekends! They have a true devotion to children. We were able to get evaluations and start therapy without delay. I have been so pleased!

Alyssa M., Mother of Laguna (26 months old) Mission Valley

Dear San Diego Center For Speech Therapy,I want to thank you for your help with Laguna and the development of her ability to vocalize the millions of words, thoughts, – and most exciting – songs, that were inside just waiting to get out. When we started in January of 09 Laguna’s vocabulary was so far behind her obvious comprehension, which was evident through her actions. Your technique of teaching through play was a wonderful and encouraging way to get Laguna to start vocalizing. Laguna loved going to play with Ms. Nicole every week and came home happy and with new words. Now she is singing songs such as “Doe, a Deer” (from Sound of Music) and even recited almost the entire story “Twas the Night Before Christmas” without much prompting from us. Thank you again!

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Beth F., Mother of 6-year-old girl Solana Beach

San Diego Center For Speech Therapy has an excellent approach and has produced positive results in a very short time. Our child looks forward to her speech class because of our speech therapist’s enthusiasm and methods. We’ve noticed improvement in her confidence at school, too. The therapists at San Diego Center For Speech Therapy are easy to work with. We highly recommend them!

Kelly H., Mother of 5-year-old boy and 10-year-old boy Carmel Valley

I have had two of my children (ages 5 and 10) have speech therapy with Nicole, and she was excellent with them. Both of my boys made big improvements in their speech thanks to Nicole. Nicole truly cares about each individual child, and their overall well-being, not just the speech aspect. Nicole takes the time to speak with you about any concerns you may have about your child; whether it’s regarding their speech, difficulties in school, or social issues. I have recommended Nicole to my friends with children who need speech therapy.

Cheryl P., Mother of 8-year-old girl Del Mar

We are very happy with our daughter’s progress these past few months. It has been a pleasure to work with a speech therapist that is so flexible and determined to help our daughter with her R sounds. What a relief to hear the progress. We worked with another speech therapist, and it was stressful and slow going. It is very satisfying to see the results and the smoother speech!

Lyreh, Mother of 6-year-old girl Del Mar

San Diego Center For Speech Therapy has helped my daughter through her “R” challenges and to take charge in correcting herself. All this happened in just a few weeks! We are very pleased with her progress, and the speech therapists at San Diego Center For Speech Therapy are professional, caring, and effective.

Nancy S., Mother of 5-year-old girl Del Mar

We had the pleasure of working with Nicole for several months; she helped my daughter with the pronunciation of her problem sounds. She made it fun for my daughter in class and always provided support material for us as parents to practice with at home. Nicole was great about staying in touch and always very professional. She was on time and reliable and also very flexible. I would highly recommend San Diego Center For Speech Therapy!

Mother of 3 year old, Carmel Valley

Bringing our daughter to see Kylie and Nicole has been instrumental in her speech improvement. With only two 30 min sessions a week, our daughter has made exponential progress. We were taking her to another speech therapy practice and in 4 months they switched 4 therapists on us, they were always running late or cancelling and changing our session times, and they had no clue how to work with my 3 1/2 year old daughter. We were all very discouraged and exhausted after each session. However, San Diego Center for Speech Therapy has been the complete opposite experience for us and we have nothing but praise and positive things to say about them. We noticed changes and improvements in our daughter’s speech after the first few sessions! After only 2 months of seeing Kylie and Nicole, our daughter’s speech has improved dramatically and we are absolutely elated. This is because Kylie and Nicole are true experts in their field, there is consistency in their practice, and they know exactly how to work with and treat young children. In addition, Nicole is an Orofacial Myologist, and her expertise in this field has been so important to us, because after two sessions with our daughter, she recognized that her speech problems are related to more subtle and serious issues in her mouth and tongue posture and they need to be addressed immediately in order to correct her speech problems – this was completely over-looked by the previous speech therapists that saw her. We have been extremely impressed by Nicole and Kylie as experts in speech therapy, we appreciate the fact that they are so professional and punctual, and we are grateful that they helped us work out a schedule that accommodated us since we are working parents. We can’t thank Nicole, Kylie, and San Diego Center for Speech Therapy enough for helping our young daughter over come her speech challenges.

Shinar Z., Mother of 2 year old San Diego

You probably will agree with me when I say that finding a right speech therapist for your child is not an easy task especially when a specific diagnosis is not available. For us, it’s been over a year journey working with and changing at least three therapists. In February of 2010, we had a brief pleasure working with Nicole Goldfarb before we went with another provider because of personal insurance coverage issues. Recently, my husband and I decided to go back to Nicole Goldfarb, and we are very happy with our decision.Our child is only two years old, and up until now all therapists were telling us that he is not ready for one-on-one speech therapy. They primarily worked with me, the parent, so that I carry on the training techniques at home. To the contrary, Nicole has started working with our son one-on-one right away. Remaining very playful, resourceful and energetic she is able to incorporate structure into half an hour sessions which increased our son’s attention span and made his verbal imitation skills blossom. Up until now he has been using about 75 signs to communicate with us; well, he is now slowly but happily transitioning to words using signs only to complement his speech. From the very first session my husband liked a hand-on PROMPT technique Nicole has been using. She pushes on certain oral muscles to map out the motor sequences for sounds and sound combinations; the latter is to create “muscle memory” and thus to encourage speech production. She also uses various other techniques such as play-based child-led Floortime/DIR. She never underestimates our son’s cognitive abilities by choosing age appropriate and at the same time challenging and stimulating activities such as puzzles, books, puppets for pretend play and cards to form CV, CVC, CVCV words. She continues to trains us, the parents, with Hanen-type approaches giving us very short, but specific tasks every week. Our son has still a lot of work ahead but he has done so much progress in the last two months that we feel we need to pass on our recommendations for Nicole to other parents. Nicole is a true professional, extremely organized, and reliable. She approaches each speech therapy session with such a positive attitude that is simply contagious. We recommend Nicole to you without any reservation.

Shinar Z., Mother of 2 year old San Diego

We have been working with Nicole Goldfarb of SDCST since February 2011 twice a week. We are extremely happy to report that our two and a half year old son is talking sentences and has huge both receptive and expressive language vocabularies. Nicole is thinking of graduating him soon! Starting with PROMPT Nicole was able to break through the oral motor planning challenges our son was experiencing. Remaining very playful and resourceful she moved on to other techniques building Anthony’s sound and word vocabulary, increasing pragmatic use of language by encouraging his verbal imitation and play skills. Nicole is very positive and thorough in everything she does. We are thankful to Nicole Goldfarb personally and her staff as well. A thought of where we would be if we did not find SDCST is simply frightening.

Victoria M., Mother of Braydon (age 3) Carmel Valley

When we brought our 3-year-old son Braydon to San Diego Center For Speech Therapy, he could only say a handful of words. He was also losing confidence and was embarrassed to speak to people – even his friends. After just a few months, his speech improved, his confidence improved, and he was a new child. We cannot express in enough words how happy we are with his therapy and the change it has made in his life. And now … he does not stop talking!

Laurel S., Mother of Sydney (age 3) Carmel Valley

My daughter’s speech has improved dramatically in just a few short weeks, thanks to Nicole. Her upbeat personality, her patience and her ability to keep my daughter focused have made it a pleasure to work with her, and it has been a joy to see the additional self-confidence it has fostered in my daughter. She looks forward to seeing “Miss Nicole” every week! I also appreciate Nicole’s willingness to answer any questions I have and work with us to make sure we are reinforcing her techniques at home.

Leilani, Mother of 5-year-old boy and 2-year-old boy Carmel Valley

Nicole Goldfarb has worked with our two boys, 5 year old and 2 year old, over the past year and she is positive, encouraging and sincere. Both boys were diagnosed with delayed speech, and Nicole has played a significant part in improving their speech and social skills. Our boys always look forward to every single lesson with Nicole. It’s our good fortune to meet Nicole.

Jen C., Mother of Joshua (age 6) and Sebastian (21 months)

My oldest son, now six years old, has been in and out of speech therapy since his second birthday and of the several pathologists he has worked with, Nicole has been wonderfully effective and inspiring. At once professional and nurturing–and abundantly prepared for each session–Nicole made speech therapy engaging for my son while showing me how to further his improvement at home. She has had a fantastic impact not only in his ability to articulate his letter sounds and his pragmatics but also, and perhaps most importantly, in his self-assurance while he is speaking. When my youngest son wasn’t where he should have been at 20 months with his expressive language, we were given a choice of speech therapists and, in my opinion, there was no contest![SEE VIDEO]

Sharam E., Father of Doran (age 13)

Nicole Goldfarb is a highly skilled and thoroughly professional speech therapist. Her outstanding ability to work with our learning disabled child is evidenced in his achievements, as well as his enthusiasm for learning.

A Thank You Postcard, Mother of Anthony (3 Years Old) San Diego

Dear Nicole, My husband and I are so happy Anthony is talking, and talking in sentences, you have no idea. It had not been easy not to be able to hear a voice of your child, and now his angelic voice fills our hearts with love and gives us a window into his beautiful mind. We know that we have you to thank for that. Thank you for your hard work, your insights and your vivacity! Thank you for everything!

Stacy R., Mother of 6 and 8 year olds San Diego

From the building (Hacienda Del Mar, such a beautiful facility) to the people and services, everything has been a wonderful experience. My children love going and I appreciate the approachability of everyone there. Best speech and occupational therapy services we’ve received. Thank you SDCST!

Erika B., Mother of 2 year old San Diego

My 2 1/2-year-old son has been working with Nicole and Kimmi at the San Diego Center for Speech Therapy for more than one year. They are top notch, knowledgeable therapists who have significantly improved my son’s speech and broadened his horizon for communication abilities for years to come. I became alarmed as my son missed his developmental milestones. This was most noticeable in the areas of speech and communication. A friend recommended Nicole Goldfarb, who had worked with my friends’ daughter. Thank goodness for trusted, personal recommendations. Nicole and Kimmi even tailored their approach to work with my son who best learns with a great deal of structure, perhaps more than a typical kid would need. My son looks forward to his sessions, which any parent can appreciate! My son’s language skills improve each week as he adds words to his vocabulary. This has lessened his frustration and improved his overall demeanor. I highly recommend the San Diego Center for Speech Therapy. They sincerely care about the progress of their clients.



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