Bringing our daughter to see Kylie and Nicole has been instrumental in her speech improvement. With only two 30 min sessions a week, our daughter has made exponential progress. We were taking her to another speech therapy practice and in 4 months they switched 4 therapists on us, they were always running late or cancelling and changing our session times, and they had no clue how to work with my 3 1/2 year old daughter. We were all very discouraged and exhausted after each session. However, San Diego Center for Speech Therapy has been the complete opposite experience for us and we have nothing but praise and positive things to say about them. We noticed changes and improvements in our daughter’s speech after the first few sessions! After only 2 months of seeing Kylie and Nicole, our daughter’s speech has improved dramatically and we are absolutely elated. This is because Kylie and Nicole are true experts in their field, there is consistency in their practice, and they know exactly how to work with and treat young children. In addition, Nicole is an Orofacial Myologist, and her expertise in this field has been so important to us, because after two sessions with our daughter, she recognized that her speech problems are related to more subtle and serious issues in her mouth and tongue posture and they need to be addressed immediately in order to correct her speech problems – this was completely over-looked by the previous speech therapists that saw her. We have been extremely impressed by Nicole and Kylie as experts in speech therapy, we appreciate the fact that they are so professional and punctual, and we are grateful that they helped us work out a schedule that accommodated us since we are working parents. We can’t thank Nicole, Kylie, and San Diego Center for Speech Therapy enough for helping our young daughter over come her speech challenges.