My 2 1/2-year-old son has been working with Nicole and Kimmi at the San Diego Center for Speech Therapy for more than one year. They are top notch, knowledgeable therapists who have significantly improved my son’s speech and broadened his horizon for communication abilities for years to come. I became alarmed as my son missed his developmental milestones. This was most noticeable in the areas of speech and communication. A friend recommended Nicole Goldfarb, who had worked with my friends’ daughter. Thank goodness for trusted, personal recommendations. Nicole and Kimmi even tailored their approach to work with my son who best learns with a great deal of structure, perhaps more than a typical kid would need. My son looks forward to his sessions, which any parent can appreciate! My son’s language skills improve each week as he adds words to his vocabulary. This has lessened his frustration and improved his overall demeanor. I highly recommend the San Diego Center for Speech Therapy. They sincerely care about the progress of their clients.