Parent Support Groups

ADHD/Autism Support Group
Within our office, the board-certified parent ADHD Coach Roya Kravetz, offers parent support groups several times a year. Roya is the owner San Diego Center for ADHD Coaching. In these groups, you will meet other parents facing the challenges associated with an ADHD and/or autism diagnosis in the family. Roya leads these sessions and incorporates her coaching expertise on relevant topics during each meeting. For more information, please contact Roya directly at: or (858) 334-8584.

Bright Stars Online Video Parenting Support/Education for Parents of Children With Autism
“Bright Stars”, is a one-of-a-kind, online video parenting support and education program for parents of children diagnosed with mild autism spectrum disorder (ASD) developed by Dr.Pontillo ( Dealing with issues like behavior challenges, motivation, and rigidity on a daily basis can lead to a lot of frustration for the parent and the child. Understanding the root cause of these behaviors is the first step in addressing them and gradually preventing them from happening again and again.

The first video in this series provides insights into the unique strengths children with ASD possess, and offers a framework for navigating such challenges successfully. Watch it for free at

For more information and any questions please email Dr.Pontillo at